Egypt Tour Packages 14 days Cairo, Oases , Desert and Alexandria

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Egypt where the civilizations were begun

Program Egypt Tour Packages 14 days Cairo, Oases, Desert, and Alexandria
Duration: 13 Nights / 14 days
Destinations covered: Cairo » White Desert » Siwa » Alexandria » Cairo
(06 nights Cairo » 02 nights White Desert » 03 nights Siwa » 02 nights Alexandria)

The magnificent attractions of Egypt

Egypt is a land of extreme geographical contrast, recognized by the ancient Egyptians in the names they gave to the two diametrically opposed areas. The narrow agricultural strip alongside the Nile was called KMT, the Black Land while the inhospitable desert was DSRT the Red Land. Often in Upper Egypt, the desert reaches the water’s edge. During these 14 days, you will discover the great value of the Egyptian desert besides the richness of Cairo`s history.

Experience Egypt and feel like royalty only with Khaled Abbass Tour Guide

  • Welcome to Cairo. Your tour begins when you are greeted by our representative who will assist you through immigration and customs formalities. After you have collected your luggage, he will then take you, in our deluxe vehicle, to your Cairo hotel where you will meet your guide who will revise the tour plan with you.
  • Start your day tour to Giza Necropolis where our driver will pick up you from your hotel in Cairo or Giza and join our professional tour guide to witness the real magnificence ancient Egyptian attractions through visiting:
    The Step Pyramid of Saqqara
    It’s called also step Pyramid of Zoser or Josser, due to the King Zoser who ordered his minister Imhotep to build it, this pyramid consists of six-layers, It’s height was about 197foot (60 meters). It is the first Pyramid ever built and it is the first largest scale stone building in the world.
    Pyramid of Unas
    The Pyramid of Unas is a smooth-sided pyramid built in the 24th century BC for the Egyptian pharaoh Unas, the ninth and final king of the Fifth Dynasty.
    Pyramid Complex of Teti
    Teti (c.2345–2323 BC), the first ruler of the Sixth Dynasty, built his pyramidal complex not far from the Step Pyramid of (c.2667–2648 BC), in Saqqara. Upon completion, it stood 52.5 m tall.
    The mastaba tomb of Kagemni also known as Memi
    The mastaba was discovered in 1843 by Richard Lepsius. It had to wait until 1905 before von Bissing would begin his publication of rooms IV to VIII, which wasn't completed until 1911.
    The mastaba of Nikauisesi
    The mastaba of Nikauisesi is situated in the north-east sector of the necropolis of Saqqara. The tomb was discovered in 1979-80 by the Supreme Council of Antiquities
    The mastaba of Ankhmahor
    The mastaba of Ankhmahor is situated on the northern side of Teti’s pyramid at Saqqara in the block of tombs belonging to the officials of the king’s Dynasty VI reign.
    Memphis Open Air Museum
    Memphis was the oldest capital of ancient Egypt, the first one that was founded after the unification of upper and Lower Egypt. The city was founded in the first dynasty (3100 BC).
    Giza Pyramids Complex
    The three main pyramids of Giza (Khufu, Khafre, and Menkaure) are sufficient enough to build a 2-meter-long wall and span 100,000 square kilometers around the globe along with the equator.
    The Great Pyramid
    The Great Pyramid of King Khufu is considered largely represents the spirit of ancient Egypt, King Khufu who built this Pyramid as a cemetery has left little information about his reign.
    The Magical Sphinx
    Who among us when mentioning the name of the Sphinx does not think about this stone sculpture that carved in the form of the human head and lion body, which is located in the Giza plateau in Egypt the Sphinx is one of the oldest and the largest sculptures in the world, it’s about 73.5 meters long and 6 meters wide.
    Enjoy your lunch and it will be served at a local restaurant after the day tour. Then return to your hotel and overnight in Cairo.
  • Enjoy the daily breakfast at the hotel and meet your expert Egyptologist guide who will show you the city from the inside, Cairo city tour will start with the Egyptian Museum tour, where you will have sufficient time to see the ancient artifacts and monuments inside the building which is a monument itself and built more than 100 years ago.
    The Egyptian Museum
    Centrally located on the edge of Tahrir Square in Cairo, the Egyptian Museum is hard to miss on any tour of Cairo. Opening in 1902, it was purpose-built to house the antiquities of Ancient Egypt. The museum was founded in 1857 by French Egyptologist August Mariette.
    The Citadel of Cairo
    The citadel of Saladin contains many monuments dating back to different Islamic eras, it was not only just a fortified castle that was used to defend the city but also many mosques and other purposes was in the citadel for 800 years.
    Mohamed Ali Mosque was built on a rectangular area inside Salah al-Din Citadel, it’s divided into two parts
    National Military Museum
    This museum is the first of its kind to be devoted to the history of the Egyptian military through the ages. The museum was located in al-Haram Palace in 1949 in the Cairo Citadel in 1949.
    National Police Museum
    The National Police Museum is one of the museums in the Salah al-Din Citadel, located in its northern section. Its exhibitions display the history of Egypt’s police force.
    Sultan Hassan & Elrefai Mosques
    Mosque of Sultan Hassan is a primal example of the early Islamic Mamluk architecture between 1356 A.D and 1363 A.D. The Mosque is 150m in length and covering 7,906 sq m inland and its walls reach the height of 36 m.
    Enjoy your lunch and it will be served at a local restaurant after the day tour Then return to your hotel and overnight in Cairo.
  • Today you will check out from the hotel after breakfast and have an amazing 03 Days Bahariya Oasis tour and White Desert Safari from Cairo, we will take you to enjoy the western deserts landscapes and the verdant and lush date palm groves of Bahriya Oasis, also you get to visit the valley of Golden Mummies, around thirty-four tombs have been excavated from this area so far, Tombs of the Nobles, and get the adrenaline rush when you take a drive by the land cruiser through the Black Desert, which is formed by a volcanic eruption more than 1600 million back.
    Valley of the Golden Mummies
    It was discovered on 17 April 2001. Four tombs were excavated, and found inside them were 105 mummies, of high-ranking Roman Egyptians, many wearing gold masks. These mummies, many sumptuously decorated with religious scenes, represent the very best of Roman-Period mummies ever found in Egypt. These ancient remains are around 2000 years old, but they have withstood the test of time remarkably well.
    Take a rest and enjoy your local lunch meal. After that, you will have free time in the afternoon to enjoy it as you wish at your hotel. Enjoy the panoramic view of the oasis during sunset from the top when you climb the black mountain by land cruiser.
  • When you wake up in the early morning, enjoy your breakfast in the hotel then meet your guide who will take you first to see the salt lake and the golden sand dunes and enjoy the verdant and lush date palm groves because the oasis is known for the palm trees and fruit gardens! then we travel to the White Desert, passing through the Black Desert, a region of volcano-shaped mountains with large quantities of small black stones, and the Valley of El Haize, about 50km to the south of Bawiti, the central village of Bahariya Oasis.
    Valley of Al-Haiz
    It is located near the western edge of Bahariya depression beside the black desert in Bahariya Oasis. During the time of the Romans this valley was much greener and arable so it was one of the most important places in Egypt for producing wine. The Remains of a winemaking factory were discovered in Al-Haiz Valley in 1988 and in 1940 foundations of a palace and other large and splendid mansions were discovered by Ahmad Fakhry.
    Stop to see the quartz crystal at Crystal Mountain and the magnificent Valley of Agabat. It's a great chance to enjoy camping in the White Desert. Enjoy the sunset there an eat your yummy dinner!
    The Crystal Mountain | Bahiriya Crystal Mountain
    The Crystal Mountain is an obligatory stop for adventurous safari tours in the Oases of Egypt in the White desert. A small natural arch in the rock and the glittering calcite crystal walls make it a perfect place to pose for photos. This is what geologists call an exhumed cave, a cave completes with stalagmites and stalactites that has been thrust upwards by earth movement and with time has lost its roof to erosion and has almost weathered away. The calcite crystal developed in paleo caves of khoman chalk.
    The crystal mountain stands on the very edge of the of the White Desert, and soon the black iron and basalt pebbles give way to the sand-blown chalk formations which loom on either side of the road.
  • Today is the last day of your White Desert Trips from Cairo. Enjoy your breakfast in the White Desert, then you will move to see the hot water springs and take photos of the beautiful white limestone rocks with the beauty of the white limestone formations in the area the Mushrooms, the tree, the chicken, the sphinx, the tents and the rabbit then return back to Bahariya Oasis.
    Get ready and our representative will accompany you by an air-conditioned vehicle from Bahariya to your hotel in Cairo and overnight.
  • Breakfast at the hotel is followed by a full day tour, I will meet you at 8 am in the hotel lobby and start our visit to the
    The National Museum of Egyptian Civilization.
    The first museum of civilization in the Arab world, the NMEC will present a comprehensive view of Egyptian civilization from prehistory to the present day, taking a multidisciplinary thematic approach designed to highlight Egypt’s tangible and intangible heritage. A museum of a new kind, unknown so far in Egypt and the entire Middle East region, the NMEC’s main goal is to “share knowledge”, to connect with the surrounding Egyptian society and to offer international visitors a richer and deeper insight into the meaning of Egyptian culture through the ages
    Coptic Churches in Old Cairo including:
    The Hanging Church and the Church of St. George the Martyr, 2 churches built into the walls of the Fort of Babylon and its remains could be Cairo's oldest structures; and the Church of Abu Serga (St. Sergius), where, the Holy Family took shelter in a cave, with the church being erected her to commemorate this. This whole area is a world-famous destination for Pilgrims.
    Moaiz ST & Khan Khaliili
    Elmoaz Street the largest open-air museum for Islamic monuments in the world, and a unique heritage site that was added to The UNESCO World Heritage List in 1979. While Khan Khalili is One of the wonderful places in Cairo and the oldest market in the Middle East it’s a medieval-style mall.
    Enjoy your lunch and it will be served at a local restaurant after the day tour. Then return to your hotel and overnight in Cairo.
    Meals: Breakfast, Lunch
  • Early morning breakfast at the hotel then I will pick up you from the hotel in Cairo or Giza at 06:00 am to enjoy your Siwa Desert Safari to the most charming place in the Western Desert of Egypt, Siwa Oasis. You will be transferred to Siwa Oasis from Cairo via El-Alamein Road, our first stop will be your first stop will be El Alamein to visit the world-war museum and walk between World War II cemeteries on the West of Alexandria.
    Al-Alamein War Museum
    It is located 105 kilometers west of Alexandria. It is placed within the military areas of El Alumni. It was built as a memorial of the Battle of Al Alamein, between the British and the Germans in 1942, and the battles that took place in South Africa during the Second World War. Al-Alamein War Museum was renewed and reopened in 1992, during the presidency of Mubarak. The museum is one of the best places to visit in order to achieve an understanding of the story of World War II in Egypt.
    After that you will drive along the beautiful bay of Marsa Matrouh on the Mediterranean coast where your delicious seafood lunch will be served then you will continue to Siwa Oasis, about 4 hours drive from Marsa Matrouh. When you reach Siwa you will have dinner and stay overnight in Siwa in a beautiful eco-lodge.
  • Breakfast in the Eco-lodge then you will continue your Siwa Oasis tour from Cairo, enjoying visiting the ruins of the Old Town of Shali.
    The village of Shali in Siwa Oasis - Matrouh Governorate.
    "Shali" is a Siwi word meaning city. The village of Shali was built from the material of the archive, which is clay saturated with salt. If it dries up, it becomes similar to cement in its hardness. It is a unique style of construction, and it dates back to the sixth century AH / twelfth century AD.
    After that, you will be transferred to see the Temple of Alexander the Great ( the temple of The Oracle ) at the Aghurmi village dates back to the 26th dynasty, and visit the temple of Amun Ra known as the Temple of Um Ubeyda,
    The Temple of Alexander the Great
    The temple is built of sand stone and mud brick and it consists of forty-five rooms. The temple was discovered by Ahmed Fakhry, but unfortunately it was weathered by elements and most of the inscriptions and reliefs have vanished. An attempt has been made at restoration and the cracks between the stone blocks have been crudely filled with mortar. The temple was built to commemorate Alexander's passing on his way to Siwa . One of the temple's walls has a scene shows Alexander the great offering gifts to god Amon .
    Then experience the unique Siwan heritage through the Siwa House Museum
    Siwa House Museum
    The Museum at Siwa is an example of what the traditional house looks like in Siwa Oasis, Siwa House Museum also has a great collection of displays for daily-life tools and accessories used by Siwan people. The Siwan house ceilings and doors are made of palm wood, and mud and olive leaves help strengthen the roof against the rain. Most of the houses in Siwa as we can see them during Egypt Tours have two floors and a rooftop terrace, where they sleep in the summer or sit in the evening for dinners and chats in the open air.
    Lunch will be served in the Oasis famous square overlooking Shali you will also visit the Mountain of the Dead ( Jabal el Mawta ) visit the interesting tombs of the rulers of Siwa Oasis during the 26th dynasty like the tombs of SI Amon, MSW Isis, crocodile tomb,
    Mountain of the Dead in Siwa | Gebel al-Mawta
    The mountain contains number of tombs. The tombs, which cover every inch of its base and are situated on its terraces and on all sides of the conical part, date from the 26th dynasty, the Greek and the Roman periods, though there appear to be no Christian burials.
    The Tomb of Si-Amun
    One of the most famous tombs is that of Si-Amun which is considered the most beautiful one in the oasis of the Western desert. The tomb dates to about the 3rd century BC. It was discovered in October,1940 and unfortunately, some of its decorations were badly damaged by soldiers in Siwa at that time, who cut away parts of the painted plaster. The tomb, as with others in the area, was robbed during the Roman period.
    then you will enjoy relaxing afternoon at Cleopatra Spring (Ein Guba) swimming and dipping into the sparkling water after that you will be transferred Fitnas Island to enjoy once in the lifetime Sunset view.
    Fatnas Island
    Another favorite bathing spot for locals and tourists in Siwa is Fatnas Island. Also known as "Fantasy Island," the spot is located 6 km from Siwa Town on the salt lake of Birket Siwa in a beautiful surrounding of palm trees and beautiful scenery. There’s even a small café nearby from where you will be able to watch an amazing sunset while having tea or a cold drink.
    Overnight in Siwa.
    Meals: Breakfast, Lunch
  • You will have an organic breakfast in the hotel, then continue your Siwa Oasis Desert Safari, on the second day your guide will take you on a four-wheel drive to explore the Great Sand Sea.
    We will start our Egypt Desert Safari adventure between the golden sand dunes till we arrive at the fossils area and see the rocky coral reefs which date back to the Cambrian era.
    Great Sand Sea
    The Great Sand Sea situated in Western Egypt the third largest sand-accumulation in the world. The Great Sand Sea of the eastern desert; an unbroken mass of dunes the size of New Mexico which smothers the barren frontiers of Libya and Egypt and is home to not one living soul. Parallel dune ridges run north-south for hundreds of miles, and anyone journeying here has to be exceptionally well prepared, as there's not a single well or water source in 150,000 square miles--extreme even by Saharan standards.
    Passing by the Dakrour Mountain, now we will enjoy the sandboarding experience, although not as fast as snowboarding but with the right amount of bee wax we can let you shoot down some of the massive sand dunes in the Great Sand Sea and have thrills to spare, after sandboarding it is time to wash up in the hot spring renowned as Bir Wahid for chilling and tranquilizing our muscles, enjoy another amazing Sunset at the Great Sand Sea in the middle of the dunes while having Bedouin tea.
    Bir Wahid in Siwa Oasis
    Bir Wahid is an area within the Great Sand Sea of Siwa Oasis, comprised of three natural water springs, although only two of them are the most visited. It is located in the desert known as the Great Sand Sea which is a naturally preserved area that stretches 800 km long, to the north of the Gilf Kebir plateau and east of Libya. Here, the water flows strongly at a maximum temperature of 37º, as if it is a sauna or thermal complex.
    Overnight in Siwa overnight.
    Meals: Breakfast, Lunch
  • On the last day of our Siwa Oasis tour package, you will take breakfast in the Eco-lodge, then you will be transferred to your hotel in Alexandria accompanied by your tour guide who take you to the highlights of Alexandria starting with
    In the evening we will experience Cairo in the evening and visit the Cairo Tower. Then we will get back to the hotel and overnight.
    The Catacombs of Kom Alshaqafa
    The Catacombs of Alexandria are the largest and most important burial site in Egypt that has a mixture of Roman, Hellenistic, and ancient Egyptian decorative art and elements that were all common during this period in Alexandria.
    The Pmpai`s Pillar
    It’s a column that stands on a rocky hilltop in the middle of Alexandria. Pompey Pillar is a triumphal monument erected around 300 AD for the Roman Emperor Diocletian.
    Qait Bay Citadel
    Qaitbay Citadel has been built during the 14th century by (Sultan Qaitbay) to defend Alexandria from the attacks of The Ottoman Empire. You can enjoy the Sea views, wonderful restaurants, and unforgettable touristic items while visiting it.
    Lunch will be served during the day tour in a sea view restaurant in Alexandria and then we will continue our tour to visit
    Library of Alexandria
    Alexandria Library is the most ancient library of classical antiquity. In it, you can find a copy of every book published all over the World. It’s not just a building, it’s a complex where all arts, philosophy, ancient history come together.
    Finally, we will transfer you in a private air-conditioned car to back to your hotel to check in and overnight.
    Meals: Breakfast, Lunch
  • A new day and your first breakfast in Alexandria; then it is time to visit the magnificent the
    Alexandria National Museum
    The national museum is located in a restored palace and contains about 1,800 artifacts that narrate the history of Alexandria throughout the ages, including the Pharaonic, Roman, Coptic and Islamic eras. There are even some more modern pieces, including 19th century glassware, silverware, chinaware and precious jewels, which provide a sense of the richness of the court of Mohammed Ali and his descendants.
    The Roman Amphitheatre of Alexandria
    The Amphitheatre of Alexandria was discovered by coincidence in the year of 1960. When the Egyptian government was getting ready to set one its buildings in the area of kom El Dekka, one of the workers found solid column underneath the dust and sand during preparing the location by engineers. Immediately, an excavation team where down the location to examine what have been found. The Roman theatre was a very important discovery in the 20th century. It was proven that the theatre was built since the 4th A.D century and was used up until the 7th century passing by the Roman, byzantine and Islamic eras.
    Montazah Gardens
    The 19th-century Montazah palace is off-limits, but the surrounding lush gardens are prime strolling territory. There’s an attractive sandy cove here with a semiprivate beach well suited for kids (although it’s not particularly clean), and an eccentric Victorian-style bridge running out to a small island of pylons. In all, it’s a pleasant escape from the city Centre. There are several restaurants and picnic places, and a second royal residence, the Selamlik, has been converted into a luxury hotel.
    Finally, we will transfer you in a private air-conditioned car to back to your hotel to check in and overnight.
    Meals: Breakfast, Lunch
  • Your day starts with breakfast in your hotel followed check out and it is time to start your last day in this beautiful city, including a trip to
    The Royal Jewelry Museum
    The Royal Jewelry Museum is an art and history museum in the Zizania neighborhood of Alexandria, Egypt. It is located in the former palace of Princess Fatma Al-Zahra'. The building's halls contain an inestimable collection of jewels and jewelry of the Muhammad Ali Dynasty. 19th-century paintings, statues, and decorative arts are also exhibited in the rooms and lobbies. The museum was first inaugurated on 24 October 1986. After several years of renovations and expansion it was reopened in April 2010.
    Walk down the Corniche
    Alexandria is a coastal city with a wide waterfront road that became one of the beautiful monuments called “Corniche”. You can enjoy the sea view by walking down the corniche and enjoy the ancient and modern buildings along the corniche.
    During your walk beside the Corniche, you will enjoy watching the fishing men experiencing their patience and lots of walking snacks sellers that provide local Egyptian snacks like Freska, Homos Sham, Termes, and much more to try.
    At the end of our day tour, we will start moving back to Cairo and check in as soon as your arrival and overnight.
    Meals: Breakfast, Lunch
  • Transfer to the airport after having your breakfast at the hotel by our representative, we hope you enjoyed our Egypt 14-day tour.
    Meals: Breakfast
  • Experience
    • Highlights
    • 01 Welcome to Egypt
      02 Sakkara, Memphis, Giza Pyramids and the Great Sphinx
      03 Citadel – Sultan Hassan & Refai Mosques & The Egyptian Museum
      04 Bahariya Oasis Tour from Cairo
      05 The White Desert and Black Desert Tour
      06 Bahariya Oasis and White Desert Tour Back to Cairo
      07 The National Museum of civilization, Khan El Khalili and Coptic Cairo
      08 Siwa Oasis from Cairo
      09 Siwa Sightseeing
      10 Great Sand Sea - Bir Wahed
      11 From Siwa to Alexandria
      12 National Museum – The Roman Amphitheater – Montazah Gardens
      13 The Royal Jewelry Museum – Free walking Tour – Back to Cairo
      14 Fly back home
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    • Package Rate Includes:
      Meet and assist services at the Airports .
      All transports will be arranged by a private A/C vehicle.
      Your accommodation in Cairo Pyramids Hotel for 6 nights in on bed & breakfast.
      Your accommodation in Alexandria Hotel for 2 nights in on bed & breakfast.
      Accommodation for 1 night in El Bhariya Oasis.
      Camping in the White Desert for 1 night.
      Accommodation for 3 nights in Siwa.
      Entrance fees to all the mentioned sites during your trip.
      An English-speaking tour guide will accompany you during the tours.
      Meals will be served as shown in the Egypt 14-Day Tour itinerary.
      Bottled water and soft drinks during Egypt Day Tours.
      All taxes and service charges are included in your trip price.
    • Package Rate Excludes:
      International airfares.
      Egypt entry Visa.
      Tipping for guides, driver, Nile cruise crew, etc…
      Personal expenses (laundry, telephone calls, etc

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