Egypt Tour Packages 02 days tour fly to Cairo landmarks from Aswan

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Egypt where the civilizations were begun

Program Egypt Tour Packages 02 days tour to Cairo from Aswan
Duration: 01 night / 02 days
Destinations covered: Aswan » Cairo » Aswan

Splendid Days Trip to Cairo from Aswan

Searching for an enchanting adventure while you are in Aswan; our wonderful two-day trip to Cairo from Aswan by plane is supposed to be your target. You witness the best must-see attractions in Giza like the heavenly Giza Pyramids Complex, Memphis City; the timeless capital of Ancient Egypt then continues your tour with the most famous highlights in Cairo where you will see the real face of the Ancient Egypt Civilization in the Egyptian Museum and many more of Old Cairo sightseeing. All these tours will be led by one of our expert tour guides with well-prepared A.C transportation and luxury service. Book now!!

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  • In the morning we will pick you from your hotel in Aswan and transfer you to the airport for around an hour’s flight to Cairo. Once you reach, your highly qualified tour guide will meet you at Cairo Airport and drive you to start your two days trip with:
    The Step Pyramid of Saqqara
    It’s called also step Pyramid of Zoser or Josser, due to the King Zoser who ordered his minister Imhotep to build it, this pyramid consists of six-layers, It’s height was about 197foot (60 meters). It is the first Pyramid ever built and it is the first largest scale stone building in the world.
    Pyramid of Unas
    The Pyramid of Unas is a smooth-sided pyramid built in the 24th century BC for the Egyptian pharaoh Unas, the ninth and final king of the Fifth Dynasty.
    Pyramid Complex of Teti
    Teti (c.2345–2323 BC), the first ruler of the Sixth Dynasty, built his pyramidal complex not far from the Step Pyramid of (c.2667–2648 BC), in Saqqara. Upon completion, it stood 52.5 m tall.
    The mastaba tomb of Kagemni also known as Memi
    The mastaba was discovered in 1843 by Richard Lepsius. It had to wait until 1905 before von Bissing would begin his publication of rooms IV to VIII, which wasn't completed until 1911.
    The mastaba of Nikauisesi
    The mastaba of Nikauisesi is situated in the north-east sector of the necropolis of SaqqaraThe tomb was discovered in 1979-80 by the Supreme Council of Antiquities
    The mastaba of Ankhmahor
    The mastaba of Ankhmahor is situated on the northern side of Teti’s pyramid at Saqqara in the block of tombs belonging to the officials of the king’s Dynasty VI reign.
    Memphis Open Air Museum
    Memphis was the oldest capital of ancient Egypt, the first one that was founded after the unification of upper and Lower Egypt. The city was founded in the first dynasty (3100 BC).
    Giza Pyramids Complex
    The three main pyramids of Giza (Khufu, Khafre, and Menkaure) are sufficient enough to build a 2-meter-long wall and span 100,000 square kilometers around the globe along with the equator.
    The Great Pyramid
    The Great Pyramid of King Khufu is considered largely represents the spirit of ancient Egypt, King Khufu who built this Pyramid as a cemetery has left little information about his reign.
    The Magical Sphinx
    Who among us when mentioning the name of the Sphinx does not think about this stone sculpture that carved in the form of the human head and lion body, which is located in the Giza plateau in Egypt the Sphinx is one of the oldest and the largest sculptures in the world, it’s about 73.5 meters long and 6 meters wide.
    Enjoy your lunch and it will be served at a local restaurant after the day tour. Then return to your hotel and overnight in Cairo.
  • The Egyptian Museum
    Centrally located on the edge of Tahrir Square in Cairo, the Egyptian Museum is hard to miss on any tour of Cairo. Opening in 1902, it was purpose-built to house the antiquities of Ancient Egypt. The museum was founded in 1857 by French Egyptologist August Mariette.
    The Citadel of Cairo
    The citadel of Saladin contains many monuments dating back to different Islamic eras, it was not only just a fortified castle that was used to defend the city but also many mosques and other purposes was in the citadel for 800 years.
    Mohamed Ali Mosque was built on a rectangular area inside Salah al-Din Citadel, it’s divided into two parts
    National Military Museum
    This museum is the first of its kind to be devoted to the history of the Egyptian military through the ages. The museum was locates in al-Haram Palace in 1949 in the Cairo Citadel in 1949.
    National Police Museum
    The National Police Museum is one of the museums in the Salah al-Din Citadel, located in its northern section. Its exhibitions display the history of Egypt’s police force.
    Coptic Churches in Old Cairo including:
    The Hanging Church and the Church of St. George the Martyr, 2 churches built into the walls of the Fort of Babylon and its remains could be Cairo's oldest structures; and the Church of Abu Serga (St. Sergius), where, the Holy Family took shelter in a cave, with the church being erected her to commemorate this. This whole area is a world-famous destination for Pilgrims.
    Finally, you will be transferred to the airport to fly back to Aswan and once you arrive, your private driver will transfer you back to your hotel to end your two days trip to Cairo.
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    • Highlights
    • Giza Pyramids
      Great Sphinx
      Memphis City
      Valley Temple
      The Egyptian Museum
      Cairo Citadel
      Coptic Cairo
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    • Tour Package Includes:
      All Charges & Taxes.
      Entry fees to all the indicated sites.
      Two delicious lunch meals during the day trips.
      Super accommodation for 1 Night in Cairo at 5* Hotel.
      Professional tour guide with you through all your tours.
      Pick up & drop off transfers from/to your hotel in Aswan.
      All your tours & transfers by modern air conditioned vehicles.
      Domestic Flight from Aswan to Cairo & from Cairo to Aswan
    • Tour Package Excludes:
      Personal Expenses
      Any Extras Not Mentioned in The Itinerary
      Great Pyramid entry ticket

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